Confirmation preparation is open to any student in grade 8 or higher. Previous years of religious education are a pre-requisite. Contact the Pastoral Associate at the parish at (419) 625-3698. Adults seeking confirmation, should contact the Pastoral Associate at (419) 625-3698.

Philosophy of Confirmation Preparation for Youth at Holy Angels
The goal of Holy Angels’ Confirmation Preparation Program is to help every candidate enhance and deepen their faith through an experiential learning process with a mentor (their Confirmation Sponsor). With monthly book discussions with their mentor, the candidate will have the opportunity to discern what gifts he/she can bring to the adult Christian community. It is our belief that the preparation for Confirmation includes community building, service outreach, and spiritual growth through prayer and a retreat.


1. Monthly book discussion of Send Out Your Spirit with the sponsor/mentor you have selected. Download the Sponsor Selection Form.

2. Commitment to Service – As Catholic Christians, we are compelled to serve. The student needs to find regular ways to be of service in the family, to our church, and to our community. Ten hours are required in each of these three areas. There is a special Service Log Form to be used for recording your hours.

3. Retreat Attendance: Candidates are expected to attend the Saturday Retreat at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, OH. Your Sacrament fee includes the cost of this day-long retreat. Another Confirmation retreat from another parish could be substituted if there is a date conflict. Please contact the Pastoral Associate.

4. Church Participation at weekend Masses and for the Invitation Ceremony and Commitment Ceremony held at two of the Sunday Masses.

5. Personal Interview– We ask students to take time to really reflect on their decision for Confirmation. During April the students will schedule a 15-minute interview with a parish staff member. You will need to schedule these through the parish office at 419-625-3698 between the weekday hours of 9 am to 4 pm.

6. Commitment to Regular Attendance of Religion Classes either through Sandusky Central Catholic School (SCCS) or Parish School of Religion (PSR).

7. Saint Report: Write a report based on the selection of a special Confirmation name.

8. Letter to Pastor: This letter to the pastor is presented at the Commitment Ceremony, asking to be confirmed.

9. A Festival of the Spirit Project: This project is a representation of how the Holy Spirit has guided you over the years.

Visit’s Confirmation page to learn more about this sacrament.